Learn to Scuba Dive right here in Georgia!

Fanta-Sea Divers  was founded with the goal of providing you quality Scuba Diving
Instruction and Travel.  We know that learning about Diving should be FUN, Informative
and Exciting ~ and it IS! We use all PADI Materials for our recreational diver materials and training.

If you are just starting out as an Open Water Diver, continuing your dive education
as an Adventure or Rescue Diver, going for the TOP raiting of Master Diver or deciding to
Go Pro, we have classes and dive trips that will excite you about diving!  We also have some
instructors we can refer you to if you are interested  in Technical Diving.

Come and experience what it's like to breathe underwater, Do things and go
places that others only dream about, see things that others will only see on TV...
Your journey of a lifetime begins here with US!

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Welcome to Fanta-Sea Divers....
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