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Coco View's reputation as the easiest place to SCUBA isn't luck. Our staff works hard at jobs they love to make your diving experiences as effortless and enjoyable as possible. Everything from our "Front Yard" orientations to the personal attention you receive from your Dive Master and Boat Captain is intended to make you feel safe and comfortable in our diving paradise.
Travel with Fanta-Sea Divers!  Whether you travel with us or want us to arrange your family vacation,
Fanta-Sea Divers can accomodate your domestic or international dive holidays.  Here are just some of our travel destinations, if you don't see your favorite listed here, contact us.
Buddy Dive Bonair
Coco View, Roatan
Buddy Dive, Bonaire

Bonaire's waters offer something special for every diver. Novice divers will appreciate the calm waters, reefs that run parallel to shore, and minimal currents. These conditions make it an ideal location to really work on improving those buoyancy skills! And the abundance of marine life living along the shallow drop-off area of the reef slope allows for maximum bottom time, while giving new divers an opportunity to develop a level of comfort and confidence in their newly learned skills.

West Palm Beach is an ideal playground for scuba enthusiasts of all experience levels, touting some of the best drift diving along the East Coast.Water temperatures are comfortable all year round and the reefs are just off shore which makes for a very short boat ride before stepping into crystal blue waters.
West Palm Beach
Elkhorn coral forests are found throughout Coffin’s Patch. Sombrero and Coffins Patch are two of the most prolific coral reefs in the Keys. Huge fingers of coral covered with a variety of gorgonians and brightly colored tropical’s run over the reef system.‘ The Barge’ makes for a great photo opportunity with all of the marine life living inside/outside. Morays, nurse sharks, rays, hundreds of reef fish make this 100x300 foot wreck a  photogenic  home. Our deep water wreck is the ‘Thunderbolt ‘ research vessel.
Marathon Key
Three distinct reef lines run parallel to the shoreline in Pompano Beach. The reefs consist of limestone ridges with spurs and grooves running east and west. Discover an abundance of large grunts,spade fish, goat fish and yellowtails. Large Morays and sharks inhabit many of the local wrecks.

Our DEEP WATER EXCITEMENT comes from diving any one of a number of sunken artificial reefs. The ‘Rodeo 25’ was a 215ft twin-masted Dutch freighter sunk in May 1990. The ‘Captn Dan’, was a 175 ft. Coast Guard tender sunk in 115 ft. of water. The "Golden Venture" was a cargo ship now sitting upright in 70 feet of water.
pompano beach
Pompano Beach
Aggressor Fleet
Whether you’d like to extend your Galapagos vacation for a visit to Peru to visit the historical Machu Picchu, travel to Yap after your Palau vacation or, pamper yourself at the Bandos Resort and Spa in the Maldives, our agents will take the time to design exactly what you are looking for.

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